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Art Classes

Payment will be made in full by cheque, cash or r-Transfer on or before the first night of classes.

There is NO refund after classes begins.

Days Missed:
If I miss cancel classes due to illness, severe weather conditions or special event I will add additional classes at the end of the 10 weeks or an agreed upon alternate day by the class.

If you miss due to personal reasons then you may make up classes by arranging with me to attend an alternate class night. There are no guarantees that you will be able to make up all classes missed given that space may be an issue if there are multiple folks requesting make up time.

Damage to Personal Clothing and Personal Items:
You are responsible for wearing old clothes and keeping personal items safe from coming in contact with paint. Should you or another person get paint on your clothing or personal items you will not hold me or other students responsible for any damage to your clothes or items.

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