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Teambuilding Workshops

 How can art and creativity help a team focus?

  • Stimulate imagination unleashing the artist within
  • Develop a broader way of looking at things and situations
  • Increase self esteem and confidence in oneself and each other
  • Increase self awareness and enhance awareness of others’ contributions
  • Enhance one’s awareness how working in groups can create more invented ways of solving problems than doing it on one’s own
  • Team bonding

Making art can be a powerful approach to corporate team building and cohesiveness.

For many folks the feeling of trepidation at the prospect of making art, especially in front of friends and co-workers, can be anxiety inducing. But what sounds like a scary adventure can turn into a most refreshing and memorable experience for the team.

It may even seem that the event is awkward and a bit silly but once one is engaged it should be a surprising enjoyment for all.                                                                         

The creative process allows you to get out of the daily grind and to step back to a time when life was just about having fun.

Costs -Teambuilding Workshops:
Supplies included:
canvases, paints, brushes, images, framing etc.

  Quotes based on the number of hours              requested and the number of participants               

Art has been used as a vehicle to encourage teams to think outside the box in a variety of workplaces. 

Art has been used to build teams especially new teams where they have an opportunity to get to know each other in an atmosphere of creativity, fun, and supportive energy. Participating in art has been used to provide a healthy balance to a busy and/or stressful workplace.

Participating in art has been used to provide a healthy balance to a busy and/or stressful workplace.

Team building is extremely valuable, it builds trust amongst the team and Trust is a crucial leadership competency for organizational success. Debbie’s ability to leverage art to strengthen trust was a wonderful experience. I was looking for a unique challenge to continue our Leadership Journey and Debbie’s “Blank Canvas” workshop was exactly what I was looking for.. Thank you
Debbie Mosher - Expressions of Colour Art Studio

John Banks, Director Central Services , Workers Compensation Board NS

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